Bet You Never Expected An SMTP Provider To Say That
Sick of being kicked off Email Services? SEND13 is a fast, easy and reliable email solution that is...wait for it: Marketer Friendly! We will not tolerate spammers but we definitely understand the difference between marketing emails and spam. The founding team behind SEND13 has a combined 40 years of experience in both marketing and technology and most, if not ALL of our clients are professional online marketers. If you are ready for incredible delivery, awesome metrics and an easy to use platform, its time to....

SEND13 Helps


Just Like You

Get Your Products & Services to Market Fast Without Worrying About All The Tech Stuff

If you’ve been around the world of marketing for a while you have most likely tried to send some emails to your prospects, subscribers and customers. If you are like most of the people we know in the marketing world, you have experienced some degree of HELL trying to deliver email to your lists using the popular Email Service Providers and SMTP Services.

Tell us if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve signed up with other SMTP services and find them to be confusing, clunky and not user friendly
  • When it comes to sending your email, delivery is poor at best
  • Support is non-existent or manned by tech nerds with zero patience and no empathy for marketers.
  • You send some emails to your list and then find yourself kicked off the service and never given a reason why or a chance to change any of the things you may be doing wrong.

How SEND13 is a Different SMTP Provider

Amazing Delivery & Open Rates That Will Bring You Back to 2006
Training, webinars, and multiple forms of support from marketers just like you that teach you how to do email marketing right!
Our Easy to Use SMTP & API Gets Anyone Setup In Minutes (Money Loves Speed)
Integrated With Popular Marketing Services:  LeadPages, InfusionSoft & More

What You Get With SEND13

World Class Support From A Marketing Savvy Tech Team Who Understands The Business Model of Online Marketers
Marketing Messages Allowed
Build multiple revenue streams fast without worrying about getting kicked off our service because affiliate marketing messages are allowed
Deep Marketing Intelligence
We don't just tell you your email was sent and leave you guessing about real performance, SEND13 shows you everything: Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Unsubscribes, Unengagement, Inbox Folder Placement (Coming Soon)
Powerful REST API
Use our simple but powerful REST API to seamlessly integrate SEND13 into your marketing campaigns, pull statistics that you can render in your applications, inject broadcast campaigns and transactional messages and much, much more!