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Why Do Some People Never Take Action?

Fear, to much advice from too many sources, lack of time, lack of focus. That's the usual suspects, but for me it was different... My big thing was money. Lack of a bankroll or savings that allows me now to invest in the best solutions and not worry about paying the rent each month like…
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Why You Can’t Split Test Email Deliverability

After a conversation on Facebook, I am going to explain WHY Email Deliverability can't be measured with typical split testing. That is not to say elements that affect delivery cannot be tested just like any other email variable. But split testing email platforms is just not possible. Here's Why- "Because at the end the day,…
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Holiday Email Delivery Woes

If you have recently found your email list has been hit with lower than average email engagement statistics (low open rates or clickthrus) you are not alone. Many email marketers are going through the exact same dilemma. But while this may put a damper on your company holiday party, you shouldnt focus too much on…
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