Holiday Email Delivery Woes

If you have recently found your email list has been hit with lower than average email engagement statistics (low open rates or clickthrus) you are not alone. Many email marketers are going through the exact same dilemma. But while this may put a damper on your company holiday party, you shouldnt focus too much on it.

You see, it's what we at SEND13 like to refer to as the Christmas Email Marketing Blues.

Every year around this time, all the major receivers of email: GMail, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL seem to turn up their filters for a long winters nap.

What does that mean? It means that due to heavy increases of email being sent to their users (think Black Friday Sales, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Great Kwaanzaa, Get ready for the New Year messages) the "Big 4" as they are colloquially known in the email world start to throttle the amounts they will allow in from each sender in a most aggressive manner.

In the past, AOL & Yahoo were most guilty of this but now it seems to be all major mail providers. Several years ago, Yahoo used the holiday time to institute a proverbial coal in the stockings for people mailing on lower reputation IPs and domains by making links in emails that hit the spam folder unclickable.

This year, Yahoo seems to be moving some emails from the inbox to the spam folder if engagement does not occur in a certain amount of time.

So what do you do? Panic? Write to Santa and promise to be a good boy or girl for the rest of the year? Absolutely not. This is the same every year and every year shortly after New Years day, things get back to normal.

I suggest you take this time to relax, spend the holidays with good friends and family and focus on your goals for the new year (here are some I recommend: send more email, earn more revenues, enjoy life more oh and work off the 10 pounds you will inevitably pack on during December).

SEND13 wishes everyone a joyous and merry holiday season and an exciting and productive New Year!

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