Top Five Reasons: “Why Did My Test Email Go To Spam?”

# 1 Your Subject Line Was "Test"

And every person with an email list has already sent an email with the subject line "Test"

Along with a few billion spammers too...

# 2 The email body only contained a few words

Emails sent from Autoresponders vs personal emails, need to have at least 1 to 2 paragraphs of words.

That is because the email is HTML and the body text needs to be at least 50% the weight of the email code formatting it.

# 3 You are a Click Funnels User and you send Russell Brunson Boilerplate emails

Why does that matter?

Well- a few million people already did that.

They set up their account, got SMTP working, then plucked out one Russell's pretty example emails, then hit send.

And you? Are not Russell Brunson. So to a spam filter, you are spoofing him.

# 4 Your From address has never sent an email via an Autoresponder or SMTP platform before

Spammers are always registering new Domains and hence new from addresses based on them.

So if your from address has never been seen sending email before? Well then you may hit the spam folder until you build an engaged list of subscribers.

This is especially prevalent at Gmail.

# 5 You registered your Domain in the last 30 days

New domains are what spammers use, hence certain email spam filters, filter brand new Domains.

Especially those registered in the last few days, to a few weeks ago.

# 6 Your "From Address" Domain has no content on it

Here is an extra big tip for you.

Domains with no content on them, are big indicators of spammers turning and burning domains on a daily basis.

Great content that gets interaction and time spent on the page are a must.

If you are a Click Funnels user that can be done as easily as adding a Custom Domain and a Funnel page. Or if not, adding WordPress and blog content!

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