Hosting Support For Send13 DKIM Records

Before you can even begin to add Send13's DKIM records, you will have to locate the DNS Zone for the Domain in question. If you need SPF record support that page is here.

REMEMBER: It can take minutes, to 3 to 4 hours, for your host to update their records to public DNS. This is where Send13 can read them in the Central US. Please be patient, it's them, not Send13's validation page app that is slow to complete this process.

If you do not know what DNS is, or where to find the DNS zone for your Domain?

Your first step will be to call or chat with your hosting, or Domain registrar support.

The most popular hosts and their support details are below...

Basic DKIM How To

You will have 4 settings in a DKIM record for Send13.

Record type: TXT

TTL: Select the default.

Hostname: send13._domainkey.yourdomain (yourdomain being the actual domain you are editing DNS for)

Hostname, Name, Host; same thing different names. And a number of hosting specific entries.

Value: The value we provide in your Send13 Client area.

Basic DKIM step by step

  1. Click add new DNS record
  2. Select type TXT
  3. Enter the send13._domainkey value we show in your Send13 DKIM SPF page in the Hostname textbox
  4. Select the default TTL value
  5. Copy and past the DKIM value from your Send13 DKIM SPF page
  6. Click save

Your Hosting is the absolute export on your DNS

If you have any questions regarding your specific DKIM or SPF setup on your hosting pages, please call your hosting service as they are the absolute experts of their default SPF settings.

CloudFlare - Support: Email Only

NOTE: Click Funnels users should go directly to Click Funnels chat support in your members area. CloudFlare support can be very slow for Free Users. Since, you are only using CloudFlare to enable a Custom Domain for that application CloudFlare support is best pursued there.

GoDaddy - Support: 1-866-463-2339

Bluehost - Support: 1-888-401-4678

HostGator - Support: 1-866-964-2867

1 and 1 - Support: 1-866-991-2637

DreamHost - Support: Chatting in for support may be most effective

Liquidweb - Support: 1-800-580-4985 x1 or 1-517-322-0434 (int’l)

MediaTemple - Support: 1-877-578-4000 or documentation

Siteground - Support: 1-800-828-9231

Hostwinds - Support: 1-918-960-0191

InMotion Hosting - Support: 1-888-321-4678 x2
You'll need to call in directly and ask them how to add a DKIM record to your hosting.

Namecheap Chat support
Namecheap will add your records for you on chat support. TXT | send13._domainkey. | (value in DKIM page)

And you can always chat with Send13 support in our Facebook page Messenger app... Typical response times vary for minutes to an hour or two. Please note we only offer responses there from 12 Noon EST to 8 PM EST, US time, Monday through Friday.

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