Reasons Your Click Funnels Emails Are Not Being Delivered

After trouble shooting non delivery issues via Click Funnels users- We have identified these account set up issues below...

#1 Your from address in Click Funnels SMTP settings -does not- match your Domain(s) set up in your Send13 DKIM / SPF page

Your From Address Domain must match your validated Domain(s) on Send13.

Either your From Address in Click Funells SMTP settings does not match the Domain(s) you have validated on your Send13 DKIM / SPF page?

Or you have changed your from address in Click Funnels SMTP settings since you initially set it up.

#2 You have not filled out the new postal address fields in Click Funnels SMTP settings

On November 20th, 2017, Click Funnels released it's new SMTP connection form.

If you do not have the postal address fields filled in? You may experience slow, incomplete and failures to send your emails.

You can see the screesnhot here on our Facebook page....

#3 The "Sending shortly" spinning wheel is still spinning

This is a known bug in Click Funnels for over a year now.

I personally have sent single emails. 30 minutes the GIF spinner is still spinning with the message "Sending shortly..."

Meanwhile I have received the email in question, in less than a minute.

#4 Your user name and email address do not match your Send13 supplied username and password

If that is the case? You will get an email from Click Funnels like this:

We've noticed SMTP provider errors while attempting to send your Email Campaign:
Here We Are? Are You Here Today?
The Error Message returned has been classified as: 535 Invalid username or password
Recommended Action: Login to ClickFunnels and fix your SMTP Provider settings under "My Account" -> "SMTP Settings"
ClickFunnels Support

#5 You may have not checked the “Default SMTP provider” in CF SMTP settings

Even though you have only one SMTP provider, we have identified issues when "Default SMTP provider" is not checked.

#6 The SMTP Domains in your Click Funnels SMTP settings is set to something else besides

Your SMTP Servers should be:

Your SMTP Domain should be:

#7 Your webhook must explicitly match your Click Funnels webhook URL

Please be sure your Click Funnels webhook matches the one in your SMTP settings in Click Funnels.

#8 You have more than one SMTP provider in Click Funnels’s SMTP settings and have not selected a default provider in the checkbox that I mentioned above

If you have more than one SMTP provider in Click Funnels SMTP settings?

You must check the "Default Provider" checkbox and select one as the default.

Please refer to item #5 if you only have one SMTP provider...

#9 Your SPF records have been changed since you set them up

You have either corrupted your SPF or...

Or you now have multiple SPF Records.

Only one record is allowed, although you can have multiple indcludes within a single record.

#10 You have no Send13 credits to send email with

You may need to add credits to refill your account.

Log into your Send13 and account and please verify you have an active credit balance.

Credits can be added by upgrading your account via the green top left "Upgrade" button.

If you are positive all these items are correct?

Then please pursue a deeper look at your Send13 account with our support staff.

Issues not related to Send13 or Click Funnels

#1 If you are not receiving your own emails at your Domain, please enter a ticket or chat support with your hosting asking:

Are you for some reason blocking emails from or (your from address)

#2 You have no active email on your "From address" Domain

Biggest mistake there is.

Your from address must be able to receive emails when your subscriber replies via follow up and broadcast emails.

Then send emails in return from said replies.

This is email delivery 101 and is the largest easy indicator of quality to Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL (the big 4 as we call them)...

#3 You are using a no-reply or noreply email handle on your from address

This is a big no no. It can cause poor delivery as replies to your emails are email delivery 101 gold!

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