What Is Send13 Top Tier Delivery Support

At the Pearl monthly plan and the Platnum monthly plan you get top tier email delivery and deliverability support-

#1 You get direct contact with Chris Lang, Send13's head of delivery, considered the #1 authority on Gmail delivery, in our private support application.

#2 You get integration into our private Reputation system where Send13 can see the quality of your mailings.

#3 We will scrub your list before you send and see what kind of quality, Mailbox provider and usable email your list is really made of via Klean13, our proprietary deep list analysis software. (may require an upcharge depending on the list size)

#4 We can provide you with integration into our best IP range, which means "Mail Now- Not Warming IPs for us to 30 days" to get to full Volume...

#5 Custom mailing packages are available beyond the Pearl and Platinum plans. Please contact email Support, or our Facebook chat page, for direct contact with our sales team...

After contacting support we can arrange a direct call or chat with one of our co-founders, Chris Lang or Marc Goldman, if needed as well.

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