Why Do Some People Never Take Action?

Fear, to much advice from too many sources, lack of time, lack of focus. That's the usual suspects, but for me it was different...

My big thing was money. Lack of a bankroll or savings that allows me now to invest in the best solutions and not worry about paying the rent each month like I was 4 yrs ago.

I lived in poverty the first year of my new consulting biz in 2015. And I socked every last dime I could into savings. My wife Margie was supportive of this as well. She helped me pinch every penny we could.

Then when the next big opportunity came to me, I had the capitol to do it right. And I am not talking 6 figures here, I am talking about $20K. Or even $10K. EVEN $5,000 in savings is enough to change everything for most people just starting out.

That and partnering with Marc Goldman was the smartest thing I ever did in 33 yrs of business. When you pick the right partner, not a mentor you are paying, but a PARTNER- everything changes. So with both a small bankroll and the right expert advice I was able to move on my best idea ever, partner with Marc and hold up my end as we bootstrapped our SEND13 SMTP provider software out of pocket.

I realize most people could never do that. Families, mortgages, debt- would never allow them to break free. But IF you can cut every cost to the bone and make that leap to not worrying about money anymore it will change your life and your business.

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