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Email Support

Support via email has been industry standard for 20 years. However it is utterly worthless for technical support that you need for an SMTP provider, like Send13.

Let me please suggest our Facebook Messenger app. You might even find our CTO, Chris Lang lurking about. He loves to see what our clients need to more easily use our Send13 client areas...

You can always chat with Send13 support in our Facebook page Messenger app... Typical response times vary for minutes to an hour or two. Please note we only offer responses there from 12 Noon EST to 8 PM EST, US time, Monday through Friday.

Send13 Integrations

Send13 proudly integrates with Click Funnels. Our Common help doc is here...

Adding DKIM and SPF

Do I need a live hosted Domain to use Send13?

Adding Send13's SPF to you DNS zone

Adding Send13's DKIM to your DNS zone

What Is Send13 Top Tier Email Delivery Support?

Available for Top Tier Pearl and Platinum clients and above

Why Your Click Funnels Emails May Not Be Sent Checklist

10 Known Issues That Cause Slow and No Delvery via Click Funnels

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